History of BAF Shaheen College


BAF Shaheen College Dhaka

BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka is one of the renowned and prestigious educational institution located in the heart of the city. On March 1st 1960, this institution officially started its journey as an English Medium School with the name “Shaheen High School”. Since then, for many decades the School has produced and contributed many talents to the society who are highly placed in their work and society, both locally and globally. It is our pride and of course a primary duty to remember those who initiated the effort of establishing this legendary institution into realty.

Group Captain Dogar was the officer in command of the then Pakistan Air force Base in Dhaka Cantonment and was also the in charge of the Civil Aviation.  At that point in time, most of the officers and other employees of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Civil Aviation and the P. I. A were from the then Pakistan and were Urdu Speaking. Everybody felt the need for setting up of an English Medium School to overcome the educational problem primarily for the children of the Air force officers and their staff. Flight Lieutenant A. J. M Khalil Ullah from the Air force education core, who later on became a barrister at law of Lincoln’s Inn, U.K. and was commonly known as Barrister Khalil Ullah, was appointed as the founder Secretary of the School in order to carry out most challenging and daunting mission of establishing the school.

At this stage, proposals regarding the naming of the school started looming. Sergeant Zakaria finally came up with the appropriate name to be” Shaheen’ and the name was accepted. “Shaheen” in Urdu means “EAGLE” which is in perfect tune with the logo of the Air Force itself.

Different ideas and work plans started floating for fund raising and to build the infrastructure. The Idea and plans started to come in to reality under the leadership of Lt. A. J. M Khalil Ullah , who  was whole heartedly involved in the establishment of the School. Initially, although the Shaheen School was intended primarily for the children of the Air force officers and their staff, however, the school authority soon after started admitting students from non defense category. Warrant officer S.A Ahmed had been given the position of the principal and as such he became the founder principle of the School. In the beginning, the school started operating with only 34 students and yet that was in the squash court. Shortly, the school started running using the sergeants ‘mess, camp, mosque and radar building. The School had the privilege to use the transmission room of the civil aviation as office of the founder principal. In the mean time, the Ministry of defense allotted the land currently being held by the school authority. The first one storied building that was built is located on the west of the school and was for a long time used as principal’s office and teachers’ common room. For secondary section a three storied building was built. By this time the school was named as “Shaheen high School” and was recognized by the secondary Education Board of Dhaka. Thus Group Captain Dogar and Flight Lieutenant A. J. M Khalil Ullah along with his small team set a historical milestone by establishing “Shaheen High Scholl” in a glorious morning of March 01, 1960. In the year 1967, the school started its Bangla medium wing side by side English Medium. The institution started HSC program during the season 1977-1978 and finally flourished with its Degree (Pass) course during 1990-1991 academic year.

BAF Shaheen College Dhaka is having co-education system. The college is renowned & well reputed for its standard of education and discipline. Current number of students this year is 9310, teaching staff 278 and supporting stuff 99.

From 1960 till date the contribution, sacrifice and whole hearted co-operation of the principals and the dedicated teaching staff will ever remain shining in the history of the school.

Mr. Mamoon –Al- Rasheed and Wing Commander Kazi Md. Shah Alam both having served eleven years, are the longest serving principals for the school while list other principals here for all. All these achievements, of course came into the reality with the help of the master plan and foresight of Bangladesh Air Force authority.

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