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BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka was founded on 1st March 1960.

Welcome To ESAD

"Our time at Shaheen is the best time of our life"

In March 2008, a group of former students got together and planned to organize the first-ever grand reunion of BAF Shaheen College Dhaka. To materialize the plan, they started working to form the Alumni Association as a result, the Ex Shaheen Association of Dhaka (ESAD) was formed in 2008. However, ESAD got its formal shape and official recognition in July 2010 through registration with the Ministry of Social Welfare. ESAD is a non-profit organization that aims to foster fellowship and goodwill among its members which includes individuals who attended BAF Shaheen School/ College Dhaka from 1960 until to date. The association started with 68 members in 2010 and has grown over the last decades and reached more than 2500 members to date.


  • Establish a strong ex-students association to help maintain the traditions of the institution and re-establish the concept of ex-students day in some form.
  • Coordinate the reunions and create ex-student networks, at home and abroad.
  • Take steps to publish a periodic newsletter to help keep people informed and maintain contact.
  • Establish structures to develop communication between ex-students, parents and current students, teachers, and ex-teachers.


  • Foster the aims and objectives of BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka, as a top education institution; display its own image and traditions.
  • Foster and keep the spirit alive among ex-students, a remembrance of the School and an active interest in its welfare.
  • Foster a spirit of friendship and love among all students, past, and present.
  • Promote interest of the School in any manner that the members o ESAD Shall from time to time deem advisable.